Space and Comedy: Parallels Between Elon Musk and Dave Chappelle

SpaceX, Tesla, Chappelle’s Show — What do these have in common?

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I know what you are thinking. A billionaire entrepreneur and a legendary comedian? A guy who sends reusable rockets to space and a guy who tells jokes (who is also arguably the best philosopher of our time) for a living? How can they possibly have anything in common? Hear me out:

Both don’t give a shit about what people think of them

People think Musk pioneered space travel and electric cars. That’s not all he pioneered. He introduced online banking (PayPal) and what we know as Google Maps, to the world.

In his biography, Ashlee Vance notes that Musk was always the kid who had grand ideas but no one took him seriously because he was weird, and “out of this world” (pun definitely intended). He did not let himself be strong-armed by the Oil lobby, or the likes of Ford, GM, Chrysler, or NASA, all decades-long institutions.

Dave Chappelle, in his rich tenure as a comedian and thinker, has never bowed down to authority, or the hypersensitivity of today’s world. He speaks his mind, after much research and reading. What does he get for saying these things? Laughs, and admiration. See the parallels? No? Keep reading…

Both have broken and redefined convention

Whether it’s NASA, Ford, or traditional education, Musk single-handedly broke these monopolies. Unbreakable institutions no one would dare challenge were met with competition so fierce, they had to innovate rapidly and effectively. That’s the power of one man (I am fanboy-ing so hard right now).

Chappelle has broken more conventions in the last 5 years than he did when he was starting out. In today’s hyper-sensitive, “cancel” culture world, Chappelle dared to speak his mind.

What did that do for him? Increased his respect among peers and fans, and the ultra fame followed. He’s now called a great philosopher of our time. No other comedian in recent memory (besides George Carlin) has been given that mantle by the people of the internet.

The money, of course, followed.

Both did not have anything dictated to them

There were no blueprints on a Maps app, online banking, and reusable rockets. All that was required was a dream, some extremely disruptive ideas, and action. Musk is the modern-day Bill Gates (although he has never stolen technology…*cough*Xerox*cough*).

There were no blueprints to philosophical comedy, except with the likes of George Carlin. When Chappelle resurfaced after the Chappelle’s Show debacle, he went against the tide of “careful comedy”, the comedy where comedians are careful not to say the wrong thing, the fear lurking over their heads. Their careers hanging in the balance. If they say the wrong thing, guess what? Career over.

Chappelle came out, guns-blazing, not afraid to say what he wanted to say. The idea to confiscate phones before going into a Dave Chappelle comedy set is a genius, dare I say, disruptive move. It allows people to get their minds off of that pesky screen. You’d think having their phone on a quick draw as if in a wild west shootout situation, would not be a distraction, right? Wrong.

Great minds tend to have so much common at their core, that it does not matter what industry or field of work they are in. Change their interests and goals in an alternate dimension, and they’ll excel in them as well. Be like Elon Musk. Be like Dave Chappelle.




Aerospace Engineer (Boeing 777X System Safety) / Content Creator / Teacher (Become Iron Man here:

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Aerospace Engineer (Boeing 777X System Safety) / Content Creator / Teacher (Become Iron Man here:

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